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Why You Should Learn Java Programming Language

Java is one of the most popular programming languages today. It is the third most popular programming language, according to the TIOBE Index for November 2021.

Java is used to create customized programs that are light and quick, as well as in complex projects. If you are an Android developer or app designer, you may have to work with Java often as it’s compatible with almost all devices and platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux).

For those who are planning to learn a programming language, this article highlights why learning Java should be their first choice. Let’s take a look.

Why Learn Java?

Here are some of the most common benefits of learning Java for web and mobile developers.

1. Inflated demand

As per Statista, Java is one of the most-used programming languages among developers worldwide. A majority of Android apps use Java as their primary backend language.

With an increasing demand for Android-based smartphones, Android app development is also on the rise. Hence, more and more app development companies are looking for developers who are expert in Java.

2. Good salary

Because of the extensive use of the language, Java developers are amongst the highest-paid professionals in the IT business. If we go by the statistics from Glassdoor, a Java developer in the USA earns $93,118 annually on average.

3. Beginner-friendly and easier to learn

One of the biggest factors in favor of learning Java is that it doesn’t have a very steep learning curve. It will be easy to get to grips with Java syntax if you are familiar with its predecessors, such as C++ or C#.

Java also has powerful memory management facilities, unlike its forerunners. Memory allocation, reallocation, and deallocation are all handled automatically by the Runtime Environment via a built-in component called the Garbage Collector. This automatically reduces the responsibilities of a developer and improves program quality.

4. An abundance of resources to learn Java

You can easily learn everything about Java through an abundance of online courses and resources. You can learn Java at CodeGym from scratch where a variety of practice sessions are available. It also gives you the ability to validate your code right away so you can definitely expedite your process of learning Java.

Apart from that, there are several coding boot camps specifically for the Java programming language. This makes studying extremely easy for anyone who wants to learn Java.

5. A huge online community of Java users

StackOverflow, Java Forums, and other online learning forums are examples that the Java community is ever-growing. There are also many resources on the internet for Java, such as GitHub and StackOverflow to answer all your queries and address errors.

You can also use and learn from content generated by the community. A good example is the Java blog at CodeGym where your peers post useful articles to help you brush up your Java skills.

6. Cross-platform language with a modest set of restrictions

You can work on Java using the PC, mobile devices, and Internet of Things devices and technologies, among other platforms. In fact, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) also lies at the core of Android mobile application development.

Hence, if you want to make a career in Android application development, understanding and learning Java should be the first step towards it.

7. Many publicly available libraries

Coding using Java has its own set of advantages. The key one is the availability of various open-source libraries that you can use in your applications. So, for many modules, you may not even need to code from scratch.

Instead, you can just use the open-source code, and integrate ready functionality into your code.

Some of the open-source libraries having support for Java include Apache Commons, Google Guava and many more.

8. Java has a rich API

Java has a large Application Programming Interface (API), such as Java Stream and others, which is handy for building apps without necessarily knowing how they are implemented on the inside. Almost everything is done with these APIs, including networking, I/O, databases, media, XML parsing, voice synthesis, and so on.

9. Java is Versatile

Java is very versatile as it is used for programming applications on the web, mobile, desktop, etc. using different platforms. Also, Java has many features such as dynamic coding, multiple security features, platform-independent characteristics, network-centric designing, etc. that make it quite versatile.

If you want to learn Java from Scratch without any prior experience in programming then you should go for Java Foundation Course. This course has especially been designed for absolute beginners who want to build their programming foundation via the Java coding language. It doesn’t matter if you are in high school or are in the first year of your college, if you have the curiosity to learn to code, then this course is for you.

10. Java is free!

One of the reasons Java is so popular among individual programmers is that it is free to download under the Oracle Binary Code License (BCL). This implies that Java is free for development and testing environments, but a nominal price is required for commercial use.

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