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Why hire Project Managers from India?

Needs of a Business in the 21st century

Today's businesses are looking for effective methods of aligning their business goals with their actions. They need managers to have sound knowledge of tasks at hand and efficient managers to guide employees in the correct direction. These corporations wish to work in a stable environment, so their business is not impacted.

Since companies today rely on working through a cloud-based security system, they need a good quality of IT infrastructure and internet penetration where they operate. They want to be protected when they face cyber threats. All these concerns are addressed by one country, i.e., India. This implementation process answers the question, "Why hire offshore project management consulting firm” especially from India?

Benefits of hiring Project Managers from India

Alongside the benefits, it is also the manager's responsibility to understand the clients' functions thoroughly and delegate the responsibilities of each employee accordingly. One can gain several other benefits by hiring project managers from India. Some of them are:

The wide availability of the workforce

India's median age is around 28 years, and approximately 65% of the population is less than 35 years old. This data indicates that there is a massive population of people ready to work and to get prepared to enter the workforce as well. So corporations will have many options to choose from. Even in case of employee turnover, a chunk of the population will be ready to be hired.

Technical Skills

Indians have become more tech-savvy, given the widespread availability of affordable gadgets, deepening internet penetration, affordable internet services, and rising per capita income, all facilitating increase in technical know-how. The country has a high-end IT infrastructure ensuring your business runs smoothly. A project manager from India can guide his employees more efficiently and understand the project's pulse.


The workforce's cost is lesser compared to that of most countries. Though cost-effective doesn't mean less effective, India as an outsourcing destination delivers quality work. India has an unbeatable QPR (Productivity, Quality, and Rate) factor. MNCs can also save on space and equipment costs by outsourcing projects to managers in India.

Existence of cyber laws

India deals very strictly with cyber frauds, and the laws regarding online commerce and cyber-crimes are governed by Information Technology Act, 2000 and India Penal Code, 1860. Even in a security breach, your business will be protected by these laws.

Political factors

India's government promotes business activities and embraces FDIs, which attract corporations to invest in India. India's rank in the Ease of doing business improved from 100th in 2017 to 63rd in 2021. The country's political environment is also very stable, so there are fewer hindrances in the work scene and added tax benefits.

Efficient client communication

Communicating with the clients is one of the most important aspects of any project. Project managers demonstrate excellent communication skills, which allows the process to be handled seamlessly. India is the world's second-largest English-speaking nation, and since the English language is universally used in corporations, this factor works as a great advantage.

Smooth management

The best part of a classified and well-structured team is how every individual works in their area of expertise towards the same end goal. Every year in India, approximately 0.3 million students graduate with management degrees. Of the 150 million people in the bracket of age 20 and 34 who hold a master's degree, 15.6% are Indians, indicating readily available managers. With the proper training, the project managers will perform even more efficiently.

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