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How To Test Your Game Apps To Make It Error-Free?

Do you want to launch a gaming app that leads to immense popularity amongst the public? In that case, you need to make sure that the game application is tested via several methods in order to make sure that it is free from glitches and errors. The main aim of testing the game app is to identify the defects and enhancing its performance.

Different types of game testing methods

There is a wide range of game testing methods that you can use before deployment. Take a look at some of them listed here –

  • Compatibility testing

In this testing, the game is tested to ensure that it is compatible with different devices. For this, experts uninstall and install games on various desktops and mobiles repeatedly to glean out the glitches. Apart from this, tests to ensure that the game is compatible with software and hardware configurations.

  • Functional testing

Functionality testing includes a wide range of tests that cover the generic problems that may arise within a game. With user interface testing, you can also ensure that the game is user-friendly. Some of the functionality tests are checking out the background colors, mechanic problems, issues with stability, font size, screen resolution, etc.

  • Compliance testing

In compliance testing, you need to adhere to various guidelines. Here, you must test your gaming application and make sure that it is compliant with different app stores, enterprise policies, and various regulatory bodies. Moreover, you also need to test the game if you plan to release it globally. Every country has different gaming guidelines.

  • Performance testing

Here, the game is tested for its overall performance. Some of the vital parameters that are checked include response time on servers and clients, network coverage, time that it takes to download the gaming app, etc. Apart from this, battery consumption is also tested. After this, performance tuning is done to optimize the performance of the game.

  • Soak testing

One of the most vital testing methods is soak testing. This technique involves letting the game run for an extended period of time. Here, experts also test different modes of the game. For instance, the character within the game is left to stand idle for a few hours. It is to ensure that there are no crashes.

  • Localization testing

If you want to release your game internationally, then you need to opt for localization testing. Here, you need to test the game content, titles, and texts and make sure that they are available on different devices in various languages. For this, you can take help from cloud-based test automation tools.

  • White-box testing

In white-box testing, the main focus is on the integration and architectural aspects of the gaming application. This will include flow and path testing, focus testing, code inspection, etc.

  • Recovery testing

Recovery testing includes checking how the gaming application can be saved if there are any crashes or failures in the hardware. In this method, the app is deliberately made to fail, and later the recovery process is done. Moreover, it also offers validation of data integrity.


These are some of the game testing techniques that you can use before releasing your gaming application. However, it actually depends on the game development company that you opt for. That is why it is imperative to choose the best game development agency that will conduct end-to-end procedures for you.

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