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6 Common Website Design Flaws to Avoid

With it being hard and sometimes expensive to get people to visit your website, the last thing you need is poor web design to frighten them away. In order to prevent such a disaster from affecting your online success, here are some of the chief website design issues to avoid.

If you want to sell online today, you need to be mindful that over half of all browsing is now done on mobile phones and that an increasing number of purchases are made on the small screen. To make sure that mobile visitors can read your content, view product images clearly, navigate easily and input details without problems, your website needs to be responsive.

People visit websites to find things. A good website makes this easy. The harder it is for people to land on the page they want and the more clicks they have to make to get there, the bigger the chance that they’ll abandon the site completely and take their business elsewhere.

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